RACE Program

RACE (Reach to Academic and Competitive Excellence)

(An Ideal Program for career oriented students of class XI and XII)

A common questions asked from a student moving to class XI  “Are you going to focus on Academic boards or Competitions?” Answer is irrelevant, but more relevant is why this question? Is syllabus of IIT-JEE and boards are different? No! Are questions asked in boards are quite different in nature than competitions? No! Then why students are asked to make choice between boards and competitions?

We at AHPS believe that if students are guided by right people in right direction with proper frame of mind, he can excel in boards as well as competitions. He can get best possible performance in JEE (Main & Advanced), best possible performance in board exams & developing through and healthy personality with all the inputs required for constant success in the world.

In RACE School studies and IIT-JEE studies are not only synchronized but merged into one only. In this way student.

  • Get adequate time for self study.
  • Can do effective Learning. He/She will not have to study two different topics of the same subject on the same day. He/She will be able to give total optimal time for a time for a topic from IIT-JEE perspective.
  • Will not be trapped in clash of Priorities. In general school priority is to get good results in Boards and the institute’s priority is that the student should perform will in IIT-JEE. Both create a pressure on the student to set his priority as what want. This creates confusion in the student’s minds. Parents also add to this as they are not certain about IIT-JEE and therefore tell the student to make sure that Board performance is good for a backup. We at AHPS believe that both are equally important and can be achieved simultaneously. What is required is total dedication and hard work.

Salient Features of RACE:

  • Students enrolling in this program will have an integrated study plan      
  • Entire course coverage in 8 Parts (Class XI – 4 parts and XII – 4 Parts) in line with FAs of school curriculum.
  • Each Part is complete with Part Tests (based on JEE/AIPMT pattern.)
  • Part Tests are followed by Test Analysis Sessions.
  • Study materials of RACE are completely mapped with textbooks. These materials are slightly higher level than textbooks of respective classes.
  • Teaching methodology of RACE is developed to tech school textbooks and competitive materials simultaneously instead of separately.
  • Workbooks are given for Home Assignments.
  • Cumulative Tests : These tests make students acquainted with a diverse set of examination patterns. Tests are based on the syllabus taught till date.
  • Weekly objective tests are conducted. These tests are based on JEE/AIPMT pattern.
  • Doubt removal sessions.
  • Academic operations team work on test results and give remarks to parents regularly.
  • This program in AHPS is being conducted under leadership of Er. Sanjeev Kumar, who is Director of Momentum, a renowned coaching in Gorakhpur.      


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