CBSE School in Gorakhpur

Our Education Pedagogy

….is one where you do not have to make choices between performance in boards or competitive exams. Choice between academics and extracurricular activities. Choices between learning and remembering. And most importantly choices between enjoying education and not being stressed by it.

Ideal School Education is one with a holistic approach that is comprehensive, so that there is no need for any sort Of supplementary support services. Where the goal is not just good marks in the Board exams and, in the pursuance of this goal, other areas like competitive exam preparation etc. are not neglected/ discouraged. Where a child is not stressed during the pursuit of a good performance in the board exams and in the competitive exams. And where the child is able to deliver his/her best in both – boards as well as competitions – that too by having to go through a single system of learning. Where the extracurricular activities are in consonance with the overall objective of wholesome education – making students ready for global careers as well as enabling them to conduct their lives in a much desired, honest , ethical and truthful manner.

Truly Complete Ideal School Education @ AHPS

  • Focus on life skills and ethics which enable students to lead a better life.
  • Conduction of periodical seminars for students focusing on the importance of topics like Self discipline, Goal setting, Time management resulting in better studentship.
  • Regular need based(individual and group) counseling.
  • Identifying and nurturing the innate abilities of every child.
  • Giving a Platform to Students for Global Careers.
  • Making Education a Completely Enjoyable Process by Eliminating Stress out of the Child’s life.


Whether it's the stage which displays the histrionic talents of the individual, or a symposium where ideas converge and are assimilated,

Community Outreach

Initiatives to operate to train pupils to be agents of social change. Our tie-up with NGO Jaagriti offers vocational and educational guidance for realizing the march of destitute to excellence.


From affiliations to the best sports communities, from the incorporation of modern techniques of instruction and training, to the elitist range of equipment.


With each passing day just as imminent as the reddening of the horizons new niches are being created. At JPHS, new benchmarks are being set on a front of education.