Exam is a mode of assessment by which a student’s progress can be judged. The students get aware of points where they make mistakes. This is the reason why the exams are conducted.  We are conducting many different types of exams along with the academic exams to make a platform from where a child can make future. According to the survey we found that there is a lot of pressure on the students after passing class X because of the huge/lengthy syllabus. We are distributing the pressure in all classes by that after passing class X also the student should not feel any type of pressure.

Types of exams to be conducted in school:-  

  1. Academic Exams.
  2. Monday Test.
  3. Little Genie Test.
  5. BASE (JEE/NEET) Test
  6. RACE (JEE/NEET) Test
  7. Class Tests

Academic Exams: - As we are the CBSE affiliated school we are following the CBSE guidelines. So we are conducting Academic examination 4 times in entire session i.e. Periodic Test 1 & 2, Half Yearly, Annual exam.

Monday Tests:- To know the weekly progress of the student we conduct a test every Monday of a particular subject.

Other Examinations

Little Gennie Test (Class I - V):- For the kids of class 1- 5 we have a special programme by which the student can start practicing the competition based exams. The reasoning capacity or we can say that the IQ level of the students starts improving. The basic thing is, from class 1st the student is able to fill the OMR sheets.

Young Genius  (Class VI - VIII):- This is the second step from where the preparation for NTSE and JEE starts. The school provides booklets for the preparation of these exams. The exams are conducted in 4 phases which is totally based on the pattern of NTSE and JEE mains.

BASE Programme (IX - X) :- (Be Ahead with Sustained Excellence)

 For students moving in IX, it is time to set sights on excelling in class X board exam. And it is time as well to start looking at the bigger picture of career options. In BASE, we follow different teaching methodologies for different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Social Science & Mental Ability.

RACE (XI & XII) :- (Reach to Academic and Competitive Excellence)

We at AHPS believe that if a student is guided by right people in right direction with proper frame of mind, he/she can excel in board as well as competitions. In RACE, School studies and IIT-JEE/NEET syllabus are not only synchronized but merged into one only. 

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Whether it's the stage which displays the histrionic talents of the individual, or a symposium where ideas converge and are assimilated,

Community Outreach

Initiatives to operate to train pupils to be agents of social change. Our tie-up with NGO Jaagriti offers vocational and educational guidance for realizing the march of destitute to excellence.


From affiliations to the best sports communities, from the incorporation of modern techniques of instruction and training, to the elitist range of equipment.


With each passing day just as imminent as the reddening of the horizons new niches are being created. At JPHS, new benchmarks are being set on a front of education.