Hostel Rules

HR-1: The school/hostel authorities have the right to search the child, and his/her belongings at the time of admission to the hostel, or on return from leave/vacations.

HR-2: Boarders are not allowed to keep valuables, jewelry, and any other articles, which are not approved by the school authorities. Students are not permitted to keep any money or cash with them. No student is allowed to make any direct cash purchase from anywhere. All purchases are to be done through the procedure prescribed by the hostel council.

HR-3: Parents/guardians are not permitted to meet the boarders, without the permission of the Principal. They are allowed to meet the students only on prescribed days. During school times, parents/guardians are not supposed to visit their wards. They can meet the students only in the reception area.

HR-4: All school/hostel property must be handled with due care. Any damage to furniture, fittings, equipment, books etc. will be recovered from the student's account.

HR-5: Eatables and gifts of any kind from outside are not permitted.

HR-6: Electrical gadgets like heaters, kettles, irons or any such appliances like, mobiles, radios, TV, CD-players, i-pods, razors, blades, electric/electronic shaving machine or any other electronic, electric or computer devices not approved by the school are not allowed in the hostel.

HR-7: Surprise check will be made by the competent authority appointed by the Principal. Extra items, other than those permitted by the school will be confiscated. A report to this effect, will be recorded in the discipline register and the checking officer, as well as the student, must sign the same.

HR-8: Boarders shall not smoke or bring tobacco, alcohol or any unauthorised item into the hostel.

HR-09: Boarders must remain, and study in their respective rooms/dorms or class rooms during study time as directed by the competent authority.

HR-10: The lights-off time will be notified by the Principal.

HR-11: Boarders may be allowed outings from the hostel for a specified period of time duration that is approved by the Principal. Students on outings, should be accompanied by the official deputed by the warden/Principal. Students must obey the accompanying official, and he should submit a report to the Principal regarding the conduct of the student during their outing time.

HR-12: Gate passes may be issued to all the students availing the outing time. The detailed procedure for it will be approved by the Principal.

HR-13: Boarders are expected to behave well in public, and represent their school with pride.

HR-14: Boarders must return to the hostel at least five minutes earlier than the entry time.

HR-15: Only those persons will be allowed to meet the students, whose complete particulars and photograph are submitted by the parents at the time of admission. No one except the guardian or parents can take the student with him. This can be done only with the written permission of the competent authority.

HR-16: Parents must leave the address and telephone number of the guardian with the hostel office.

HR-17: Boarders must take part in all the educational activities arranged by the school or hostel, unless exempted by the competent authority.

HR-18: Going out during the weekdays is totally discouraged. However, if there is any genuine reason, the hostel administration will try to assist.

Study Room Expectations

HR-19: During study hours, all students must devote their time to academic preparation in the study room.

  1. The door to the rooms remains open.
  2. Silence is mandatory.
  3. Students must work independently, unless they are allowed for a group study session with in full knowledge of warden.
  4. Students assigned to study room must bring all study materials to the designated location.
  5. Students may not use this time to sleep or take showers.
  6. Throughout the study period, the house brother/sister will keep check on the students.
  7. Students living in hostel, interested in studying beyond the light-off time should do so in the study room, under the supervision of a supervisor, who is deputed for this purpose. This can be done with the written permission of the Principal/warden/superintendent and an entry to this effect will be made in the Late Hour Study Register signed both, by the student and by the supervisor.

HR-20: On school days students are not allowed to remain in the hostel without a genuine reason, however, in special cases a student may remain in the hostel if he has the written consent of the competent authority. This privilege could be revoked any time.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

HR-21: Laundry is given on the days notified by the competent authority. It will be washed, pressed and returned to the Boarders as approved by the hostel council. In case of loss or damage, the Boarders must inform the laundry personnel immediately. The complaint could also be entered in the complaint book provided in the hostel.

Discipline and Decorum

HR-22: Visitors are not permitted to go into the rooms of the hostels. Particularly, the female visitors are not permitted to visit any time into the Boys Hostel without the written permission of the Principal/warden.

HR-23: Room furniture, electric fittings, etc. are required to be maintained by the inmates in good condition. At the time of allotment of room and leaving the hostel for the vacation, every student must take-over and hand-over, respectively, the hostel property carefully.

HR-24: Ragging of any kind is severely punishable and may lead to expulsion from the institute. As such, students are advised not to indulge in any such activity.

HR-25: Parents or any other relative should not give cash to their wards as students living in hostel are not allowed to keep cash with them.

HR-26: Any child involved in any immoral act is liable to be expelled without warning, and there will be no reconsideration whatsoever. There will be no refund of fee in such cases. Furthermore, Principal or the disciplinary committee may not assign any reason for doing so.

HR-27: No student is permitted to buy, sell or exchange goods or lend or borrow money from each other or from the staff. Nor are they allowed to do so with any outsider especially when they go on outings from the school.

HR-28: Parents desiring to send any item to their ward should either deliver the same to the warden or his nominee personally. Nothing should be delivered to the boarder directly.

HR-29: The change of status from boarder to Day Boarder/day Scholar or vice-versa will not be entertained in the mid session.

Conservation of Resources

HR-30 : a) Fire codes : Heat producing electrical devices such as heater, electric blankets and halogen lamps are prohibited. The Residential staff will confiscate any devices not in compliance with fire and safety codes and regulations. The candles and incense sticks are prohibited.

b) Water conservation : This should be followed strictly. Taps in bathroom/toilets must be closed, whenever they are not in use.

c) Electricity Appliances : Fans and lights must be switched off whenever the students leave their rooms. They must switch off all lights, when they go to bed. In case it is noticed that the fans/lights are on in the bolted room, a penalty will be imposed for wasting the precious energy.

Rules Regarding Mess

HR-31a) Mess menu will be designed by the hostel management committee normally on term basis, in consultation with mess manager and approval of the Principal. The menu shall be displayed in the dining hall of the hostel.

b) The students should strictly observe the prescribed mess timings. Late food/breakfast will be served only in exceptional cases, with prior consent of the mess manager.

c) On request from sick students, separate food will be prepared in mess and will be served in his room, if so required.

d) Wastage of food in the mess must be avoided.

e) Mess utensils are not to be taken out of the dining hall.

f) Mess is operated with limited staff and during peak hours, it is observed that it becomes difficult to cater to the demands of all the students dining at a time. The students should, therefore, wait patiently for their turn to be served. Mess manager will take care to serve the students effectively during peak hours.

Code of Counduct

HR-32: The school prides itself on its high standards of discipline and code of conduct. It expects its students to adhere to the code for :

  1. Personal hygiene, attendance and punctuality.
  2. Behaviour, good manners, language and conduct.
  3. Respect for others, for the school, its property and image.
  4. Adhering to school rules and regulations in all areas.

Students must strictly observe the following:

  • They are not allowed to wear any kind of studs or rings on the eye brows, chin, ears, nose etc.
  • Students are not allowed to wear low waist trousers or skirts or narrow bottom trousers.
  • No bracelets, fancy pendants or amulets are to be worn by the students.

HR-33: All students must report on the given date after the vacation/leave etc., In case of any emergency, written request giving detailed reasons, should be provided by the parents to the Principal, and a written permission must be obtained to condone the delay in arrival.

HR-34: Parents are advised not to contact the students during mandatory study hours.

HR-35: Students living in hostel should follow the daily routine of the hostel and school as per hostel rules and schedule given in the hostel rules and the time table of the school respectively.

HR-36: No student living in hostel is allowed to any cash/ATM Card or mobile sim card in their possession and no valuable things should be possessed by them while staying in hostel.

HR-37: No students living in hostel are allowed to invite day scholar colleagues to the hostel premises for their personal interaction or any other reasons.

Admission to the hostel is granted on the basis of merit in the admission test conducted by the school. Rooms are allotted to the students by the school. Admission to the hostel is granted for full one academic session. Hostel fees are payable in advance for this duration. There will be no refund of hostel fees, except for the caution money.


  1. Boarders (students living in hostels) are required to follow a pre-determined routine from getting up in the morning to sleeping at night. This routine is prepared by the school on the basis of previous experiences. It is based on the assumption that disciplined way of living is better than the undisciplined/erratic way of living. It is time tested fact, accepted by everyone. It is the responsibility of the school to educate the students about the importance of daily routine.
  2. Education means the all round development of the personality. Educationists believe that success depends upon the life skills that we learn during our education in the school. That is why we are very particular about the daily routine. Since, we are responsible for 24×7 hours/days planning of students living in hostel, we are emphasizing  on the strict follow up of daily routine that teaches the boarders, different life skills which contribute a lot to their success in life.
    Daily routine determined by HAPS requires the student living in hostel to get up early in the morning. One needs to adopt it as a ritual, without asking for reasons. It is the experience of every right thinking person that we must get up early in the morning. No second thought about it.
    Many students want to study up to late hours in the night. These are the students who don't follow their daily routine strictly. It is not the number of hours but the quality of study that matters. Every student requires 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily. This must be obtained between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Cutting short the sleep hours is going to affect student's health as well as their alertness in the class.
    a) Efficiency of learning is lowered.
    b) Adversely affects both the mental and the physical health.
    c) Adversely affects the alertness during the day.
    We fall ill when we lead undisciplined life and do not follow the daily routine and are not careful about daily exercises, eating, sleeping etc. Irregular/erratic living is likely to lead to illness. The daily exercise is must for everyone. If one wishes to be healthy, mentally as well as physically fit, one must adopt daily exercises as a routine. Do not ask for reasons.
    Schools all over the world are being advised to educate the children to avoid junk food. We can't be an exception. Boarders are advised to avoid junk food.
    Often, when a student is caught on the wrong foot he/she makes excuses and tells lies. When the students do so, the school ultimately comes to know about it. It is better to confess the guilt and mend one's ways rather than to continue making excuses or telling lies. School tries to educate the students through different programmes.
    In the hostel TV will be allowed to be used only as a source of education and not as a tool for wasting time. Students/residents are advised to select games/sports for themselves and use the same for introducing breaks in the daily routine and use them as a source of entertainment. Every student must select game/sports/hobby and follow it up very faithfully. School as well as hostel staff will help the students in doing so.


In order to maintain discipline and decorum in the school, Parents are requested to follow the under mentioned guidelines:-

  1. Parents should meet their wards only on the specified day (First and third Sunday of the month during the visiting hours only), except in emergency.
  2. Parents/guardian can meet their wards only in the reception area.
  3. Parents must make sure that their relatives, acquaintances and visitors must hold valid Identification Card /authority letter, without which they are not allowed entry in the school or hostel.
  4. In case parents wish their wards to come or go with some one else, that person should carry the authority letter along with his photograph or any identity proof and signature.
  5. Parents may meet the Principal/other authorities on working days.
  6. In case of emergency the parents should contact the hostel office and give the message to the front office attendant who will record the message and take action as required.
  7. Parents must not give cash, expensive gift items and eatables from outside to their wards.
  8. Parents desiring to send any item to their ward should deliver the same to the hostel manager or his nominee personally. Nothing should be delivered to the boarder directly.
  9. Parents/Guardian must ensure that his ward returns to school in time after every vacation/leave.
  10. Parents are not supposed to lend their mobiles to their wards.
  11. Original letters with signature of parents, will only be accepted, for any reason whatsoever.
  12. Parents should attend all Parent-teacher meet, for the betterment of the child.
  13. It is mandatory for the students living in hostel as well as day scholars, to come (or go out of) school or hostel in the school uniform or the hostel uniform (after the school hours). No student is allowed to enter or go out in civil clothes, even while going on leave or vacations or while coming after leave or vacations.
  14. If a student is absent during any test/assessment/examination, be it for any reason; no re-test, re-assessment or re-examination is allowed.
  15. Parents/guardians of the students are informed over the telephone in case of serious illness or accident.
  16. School does not accept responsibility, legal or otherwise in case of accident or illness. It , however , takes all necessary steps to prevent such happenings.
  17. In all matters pertaining to studies, discipline, behaviour and welfare of the students, the Principal's decision is final and binding on the parents/guardians.
  18. Surprise check will be made by the competent authority appointed by the Principal. Extra items, other than those permitted by the school will be confiscated.
  19. No permission will be granted to any student living in hostel for spending night out on weekends unless the parent themselves are available in the town and the student living in hostel stays with them.
  20. No oral exemptions will be accepted. All exemptions must be obtained in writing and submitted and recorded with the concerned official.
  21. When the student returns from home after long illness, he/she must bring a fitness certificate from the doctor, who has treated him/her.
  22. The school/hostel administration, teachers and any other authority authorised by the Principal will assign consequences for violation of hostel and school rules and the code of conduct or expected student behaviour.
  23. It is only right to expect that clothing will wear out with the passage of time. So, the same should be replaced before the student returns from the vacations.
  24. In case any student living in hostel does not have his uniform/casuals/other items of correct design or colour or if the number of items is not sufficient, the same will be procured by the school and the amount will be deducted from the imprest amount.
  25. No student living in hostel is allowed to any cash/ATM Card or mobile sim card in their possession and no valuable things should be possessed by them while staying in hostel.



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